Twist and Convey Apple Picker

Currently, there are no picking devices specially designed for apple harvesting. Farmers have to either leave the uppermost apples on trees or drop them on the ground using long poles which degrades apples causing them to be sold at less than half of the market price.

Twist and convey apple picker is an apple harvesting device which mimics the hand-picking motion of harvesting apples from trees. The most delicious apples of any tree are borne by the topmost branches and harvesting them is most challenging since apple trees are very delicate.

Using our product, a person can harvest apples from the ground without having to climb trees. Our innovative double-ring concept has an international patent pending. With only slight modifications this product works well for harvesting mangoes too. We have sold more than 2000 units of such fruit pickers and have generated an extra income of Rs. 4,23,80,000 for apple and mango growers. Our company has won multiple national awards including ISBA Innovative company of the year 2016.


The major alternative to animal leather is faux leather which is usually made by covering a fabric base, either a natural or a synthetic fibre with a plastic, generally PVC or PU. This is neither environment-friendly nor natural.

Malai is a newly developed sustainable material alternative to animal-based leather. It is a natural fibre composite (NFC) made from coconut water and banana fibre (which are otherwise treated as waste) through a bacterial process. The material resembles leather and paper in its texture and feel. Apart from this, a special bio-fabrication process enables the making of products without seams unlike any other leather alternative currently available. The process is versatile and can be incorporated at any scale. Other natural fibres like coir, kenaf, jute, sisal, hemp, nettle etc. and agricultural by-product fibres like pineapple and mulberry can also be used for making Malai.


Small farmers find it hard to make a profit because of various factors that are not in their control such as heat, unseasonal rains and pests. Greenhouses are the commonly used solution and they work - they have been around for decades. Conventional greenhouses, can provide solutions but they are too expensive and available in minimum sizes of 1 acre (investment ~ Rs. 32 lakh), making them inaccessible to small farmers.

Kheyti’s GIB is modular at 1/16th of an acre. Design changes make the GIB cost 50% the cost of regular greenhouses at a unit level. Both these innovations bring the GIB within the reach of small farmers. In addition to protecting crops from climate risks, more food can be grown using almost 90% less water. Along with the greenhouse, we bundle financing, inputs, training and market linkage services to ensure that farmers get a seamless path towards a steady, dependable income leading them out of poverty.

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