Khethworks Solar Pump

India is slated to be the most populous country on Earth in the next six years. There is a great need for agricultural productivity to keep pace with this growth. The key to solving this issue is to provide viable irrigation options to the 85% of Indian farmers who are the small-plot farmers.

Khethworks makes solar-powered irrigation systems that are suitable for small-plot farmers in east India, where shallow groundwater is accessible. Working with smallholder farmers, we have designed the system especially for their needs. It consists of a centrifugal pump which is portable, easy to use and highly efficient. Also, its increased usability and portability as compared with fuel pumps allow for women to transport and operate the pump freely. For ages, farmers have depended on unpredictable monsoon rains or costly fuel pumps. Khethworks gives them a viable alternative thus allowing farmers an unprecedented level of control over their lives and livelihoods.

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